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How to use the Q&A Manager

Modified on Tue, 03 Jan 2023 at 02:57 AM

The Webinato Q&A Manager is a powerful module designed to streamline the process of asking questions and providing answers. With this module, you can initiate, manage and close a separate Q&A session. It's a more comprehensive way to handle a formal Q&A session at the end of a webinar. The new Q&A Manager boasts the following features:
  • Managed in its own module, separate from chat
  • You can answer via text or by having the Presenter address questions using live audio
  • Assigning Questions to other Organizers or Presenters
  • Threaded Responses for clear, concise answers
  • Ability to Share commonly asked questions with all Attendees
  • Sorting and arranging options
  • Separate views for Organizer and Presenters, including a Simplified Presenter view
  • Attendee feedback on completed questions
  • Report generation after a meeting is concluded

Launching a Q&A Manager Tool
  • Only a Room Organizer can launch the Q&A Manager Tool
  • To launch, click the Tools menu at the bottom right corner of the interface, then click Q&A Manager

Configuring Q&A Options
  • To configure options, click the button at the top of the tool window. You will see the following popup window:

Configuration Panel Options

  • Max number of questions per attendee: The number of questions that an Attendee is permitted to ask.
  • Remove chat tabs while the session is running: Removes the chat area, and any active chat tabs, for Attendees.
  • Simplified Grid for Presenters: Removes the chat area of the Q&A module for Presenters, allowing them to focus on speaking or presenting content.
  • Play sound on new questions: Play audio notifications when a new question is asked
  • Notify attendee when a question is closed: Attendee will be notified when the questions status is changed to Closed.
  • Ask attendee if the response was helpful: Attendees will be able to provide feedback.

     a happy face shows if the feedback is positive (when an Attendee clicked 'Yes' button).

     a sad face shows if the feedback is negative (when an Attendee clicked 'No' button).

  • Click Save to save the settings. Settings can be modified in real-time, without the need to reload the room.


Starting and Ending the Q&A Session

Once you have the Q&A Manager set up the way you want, you can start a Q&A Session by following these steps:
  • Click the button to launch the session.
  • Click theto end the session.
    • Note that the close icon at the top right does not end the session. When clicked, the module will be minimized to the Tools menu and can be reopened at any time.

Answering Questions

  • To answer questions, or view the Q&A thread, click on the question in the list. A chat area is provided at the bottom of the manager to communicate with the attendee.
  • The text color can be changed.
Assigning Questions to Others
  • Only Organizers can assign the questions to other Presenters.
  • Click the cell of the question which is in the Assigned to column and select the appropriate Admin or Presenter from the drop-down list.

Description of the columns

  • #: Number of the question.
  • From: The participant who asked the question.
  • Question: Title of the question.
  • Pr: Priority. Priority can be assigned as High, Medium, or Low
  • Cat: Category. Allows you to categorize the questions by number. Up to 6 categories are available.
  • Assigned to: Organizers have the ability to assign questions to Presenters and other Organizers.
  • Status: Status indicators. 
    • A Red circle indicator: A new question (open).
    • A Yellow circle indicator: An answered but open question.
    • A Green circle indicator: A question that is closed.
  • Status can be changed by clicking on the indicator and checking or unchecking the box.
    • Unchecking the box will set the status to Yellow
    • Checking the box will set the status to Green.
  • To close a question for all, double-click  icon next to the number of the question.


Other Options

  • Only show unassigned questions: Assigned questions will not be displayed.
  • Only show open questions: Only the questions that have the status Open will be displayed.

Sharing Questions with All Attendees
If you find that you are getting questions that are getting frequently asked during your session, you can share those questions, and any associated answer threads, with your Attendees.
  • To Share a question, an Organizer can simply check the Shared Box for any question in the list:

  • Once questions are Shared, a new window will pop up for Attendees listing the Shared Questions.

  • To view a question's thread, simply select the question in the list:

Different Views According to User Role

Organizer's View

  • Organizers can see all incoming questions, and have full control over the tool

Presenter's view

  • Presenters will be provided a more simplified version than what Organizers see.
  • They will only see questions that are assigned to them directly and not all incoming questions.
  • When in the Simplified View, a Presenter will be unable to type in answers to questions.
    The intent of this setting is so the Presenter can address the questions using live audio instead of text, for a more focused presentation.


Attendee's view

When reached the maximum number of allowed questions, the New Question button (+) will be grayed out (please see the image below).

  • Reports will be generated for each Q&A session after the webinar is ended for all by an Organizer.
  • To access your Q&A Reports, via your Room Report:  
    • Log in to Admin Page
    • Click on View Room Usage Reports.
    • Click on a specific report date to open the Main Report Page.
    • Click the Q&A Tab, underneath the Participant Map/Timeline

    • You can view the thread of each question by clicking on it

    • You can download the Q&A data as a Microsoft Word document for later use

Watch our feature update video for more information.


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