Room reports are generated after every session. They give you data on what your attendee did inside the event, from chat messages, entry/exit time, etc. Please note that room reports are only generated when the room is closed.

To access the room reports please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Access your admin page.
  2. Click on view room reports.
  3. This page will give you options for the criteria on which you want to search the reports. You can specify the following:
    • Date: search for sessions either on a specific date or a range of dates.
    • Email: search for a specific user based on their email address.
    Then click the search button button. Room reports will be listed below the search button.
  4. In the specific room report you can view:
    • Chat history, including the custom chat tab history (if enabled)
    • List of users and their details
    • Announcements sent
    • Data on Q&A sessions (if a Q&A session occurred)