Recasts are much more than flat movie files of your event. Our Recast Technology is an interactive online meeting platform, allowing for recordings that are virtually identical to the original event. You can even record attendee activity into your recast, allowing you to see who entered and left the room, as well as their chat activity, all as it originally appeared in your event.


To Record Attendee Activity


  • From your admin page click on Modify Room Settings under Rooms Management

  • Select the room you want to modify (if applicable)
  • From Advanced Options at the end of the page, check the box for Record Attendee Activity into Recasts

  • To view attendee chat in the recast, make sure that chat is not privatized by scrolling up to Room Functions and unchecking the box labeled Privatize By Default

  • This can also be adjusted from within the room via Chat Options
  • To access Chat Options from inside the room, click the settings icon in the chat box

  • From the Chat Options window, be sure that Privatize Chat is not checked

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