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How to use the AV Remote Control

Modified on Thu, 18 Feb 2016 at 01:57 PM

Webinato's AV Remote Control (AV stands for Audio Video) is a powerful tool provided to room Organizers. With this tool an Organizer is now capable of remotely performing the following tasks for Presenters and Attendees (even Promoted Attendees).

  • Turn on/off the microphone and camera (i.e. webcam)
  • Set video quality.
  • Set volume.
  • Enable both the devices at once.


Launching AV Remote Control
  • The tool will be displayed when there are more than one Organizer, one or more Presenter, or just a Promoted Attendee with elevated permissions (when granted temporary presenter controls). 
  • Click AV_Remote.PNG to open the control panel.


Available options

  • Enable webcam: Set the quality of the video stream (High or Medium).
  • Mic too: If selected, this will enable both the webcam and microphone.
  • Mic Volume Slider: Adjust the microphone volume.
  • On Air/Off Air: This is an Organizer controlled option. It allows an Organizer to to quickly stop a Presenter from broadcasting audio (stop broadcast to Attendees) and test both the microphone configuration and webcam configuration on the fly. It also helps to carry out initial configuration tests without alerting users. This comes real handy when a Presenter joins late during an ongoing webinar. This tool also supports Promoted Attendees. Note that, where there are Organizers but no Presenters available, this options is unavailable.


  • Red device icons indicate that the device is not enabled, or that the option is disabled for the participant(s) (please refer the image).
  • Gray device icons with a "?" (webcam and/or microphone icon) indicate that the option is enabled but not yet accepted or configured by the participant.
  • Green device icons indicate a device which is enabled and in use.

Other important information

  • This does not automatically enable and configure these features for participants.
  • Participants have to confirm the action. A dialog box will be popped up. Once confirmed, the configuration panel will be automatically opened.
  • The indicator will turn Green after successfully enabling the device.

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