Audio Player is an in-room audio player which allows you to do the following:

  • Play recorded voice files, music files, radio channels and sound effects, with a single click.
  • On the MP3 tab you can:
    • Upload your favorite music files.
      • Add up to 8 custom background music files (learn more).
      • Play the file as long as you need with Loop Audio function.
  • Play background music in conjunction with eCurtain (learn more).

  • To get started with Audio Player, click the Tools button then choose Audio Player from the menu.

  • Audio Player opens with the default MP3s tab selected.

  • From here you can play one of the preset audio files by selecting it and clicking the play 


    • To continuously loop the track, check the box labeled Loop Audio
  • You can also upload up to eight (8) custom mp3s by clicking the upload  button and choosing from files on your hard drive
  • To record your own audio file, click the record 

  • Type a name for your file in the field labeled Name: and then click Start

  • You will see a timer and a level indicator to show that you are now recording. Click Stop to stop the recording and bring up a menu to save the recording, or click Cancel to discard it.

  • After you've saved the recording it will appear in your list of MP3s.
You can also use Audio Player to play Internet radio stations inside the room.
  • To start, click on the Radio tab in Audio Player. Special Note: there is currently a minor bug that prevents the radio list from populating until you click on the Sound Effects tab, and then back on the Radio tab.

  • To play a radio station, simply select it and click the Play button audioplayer3_play_button.PNGThe audio player also includes Sound Effects to liven up your webinar!
  • Click on the Sound Effects tab in Audio Player to get started

  • The Sound Effects tab works just like the Radio tab. Simply select the sound effect you want to play, then click the play buttonaudioplayer3_play_button.PNG