With the release of the latest version of our webinar software, now called Webinato, we have updated the interface with a new, sleek and modern look! for existing clients, this new interface is turned off by default to allow Organizers to acclimate themselves with the new look before it is made the default by year's end.

** Please note: The new interface will become the default for all rooms on or around January 22, 2016. Please contact support if you have any questions or feedback.**

To turn on the new interface for your rooms, please follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your Admin Page, and click on Modify Room Settings, in the Rooms Management section:

  • Near the top of the page, underneath the link to Common Settings for All Rooms, you should see a button that says Upgrade All Rooms To New Interface
Clicking this button will immediately change all of the rooms in your account to use the new room interface automatically.
**PLEASE NOTE** Once you change your rooms to use the new interface, there is no way to change back. If you need further assistance regarding this, please contact Customer Support.

The next time you launch that room, it will load with the new interface.

The functionality of the room should be virtually identical to that of the old interface, but we have cleaned up a few things to make them easier to read and understand.