If you are getting reports from your attendees that they are receiving poor audio, there are a few things you can do to help them.

  • Ask them to refresh their Webinato interface: Most cases of poor audio reception are resolved by refreshing the Webinato interface.
    To do this, click the red X at the upper right of the webinar window, then click the orange Refresh button. This will temporarily remove them from the room and refresh important files before replacing them into the room.
  • Check their internet connection: Oftentimes, if an attendee's audio is choppy or interrupted, it is caused by a poor or unstable internet connection. Have them check their connection and, if using wireless, check their signal strength.
  • Check the Presenter's Audio: Sometimes, the Presenter could be having problems with their own audio, which will be experienced by all participants. If you know the presenter is having audio issues, help them troubleshoot by clicking HERE.