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RealTimeChat Web hook

Modified on Fri, 15 Apr 2016 at 01:54 PM

The RealTimeChat web hook (web call) is a paid function of the Webinato platform that enables a third party system, such as an automated bot for example, to receive chat messages posted into a Webinato room automatically with a regular interval of (by default) 180 seconds.

You may set the web hook URL and the time interval (minimum: 60) by contacting Webinato Sales.

This is a test application demonstrating the reception of real time chat from Webinato servers when a URL is set for the room, to which to send the real-time chat (every 60 seconds)

PHP Example


$inquiry = $_POST["inquiry"];

if ($inquiry == 'realTimeChat')
	// 'roomID' in case the system is receiving messages for different rooms. roomID is a unique ID for a room within the Webinato system
	$roomID = $_POST["roomID"];

	// 'sender' is sent with the value: Webinato
	$sender = $_POST["sender"];

	// 'batchNo' indictes the index of each call. After the room starts, batch #1 is sent, followed by 2, 3... This lets you check the order of web calls
	// to ensure reception occured in the right order as a webcall may arrive late
	$batchNo = $_POST["batchNo"];

	// The core of messages in JSON format
	$msgsJSON = $_POST["msgsJSON"];

	$msgsArr = json_decode($msgsJSON, true);
	$nbMessages = count($msgsArr);

	// msgsArr is now an array of associated array
	// example:

	$message = ("------------------   New RealTime Chat ( $nbMessages messages) ------------------\n");
	$message.= ("Batch No: $batchNo \n");
	$message.= ("roomID: $roomID \n\n");
	for ($i = 0; $i < $nbMessages; $i++)
		$msg = $msgsArr[$i];

		$message.=  ("----------------\n");
		$message.=  ("Author Name: " . $msg['authorName'] . "\n");
		$message.=  ("Author Role: " . $msg['authorRole'] . "\n"); // role: 0 or 1 means Attendee  --  2 means Presenter  --  3 means Organizer
		$message.=  ("Timestamp: " . $msg['ts'] . "\n"); // GMT time in Unix Timestamp meaning the number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970 
		$message.=  ("Message ID: " . $msg['msgID'] . "\n"); // Webinato message ID for each message. This is incremental
		$message.=  ("Text : " . $msg['text'] . "\n\n");

	$message.=  ("-------------------------------------------\n\n\n");

	echo($message); // You can use your own logic here.

	echo("Bad Inquiry with inquiry = " . $inquiry);


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