Both moderators and attendees have the ability to turn off live video streams, in cases where low bandwidth could cause playback issues. The audio stream remains intact. Below are instructions on how to do so...

Turning off the Video Stream as an Attendee


  • To turn off the video stream, simply click the button that resembles an eye. This will disable the video stream but keep the audio active
  • To turn the video back on, just click again the Eye or the Play button          * - Please note that the feature is slightly different when the webcam video is in the participant panel. The button to turn off video there is a small red "x" next to the pop-out button.

Turning off the Video Stream as a Moderator

  • To turn off the video stream for all attendees, first click on the A/V Remote, located in the lower left-hand corner or you can also simply just click the Webcam button to disable on and off 
  • And then click the green webcam button to stop the video stream for all attendees          
  • Click the red webcam button to turn it back on for all attendees

Note: Attendees can still turn on/off video stream individually after a moderator has turned the video on/off.