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Setting Up Your Webcam

Modified on Fri, 23 Apr 2021 at 05:57 AM

This article will cover how to set up and test the webcam inside of your Webinato room.

To learn about activating your webcam, please click here.

To learn about setting up your microphone, click here.

  • Before you enter the room, ensure that your webcam is plugged into your computer. We recommend that you install the software and drivers from the company's website, or that came packaged with the device. This will ensure that your webcam has compatible drivers installed. If you cannot find the disc you should be able to find drivers for your webcam online.
  • Log into the room with your Organizer or Presenter account. In the far bottom left area of the room interface there will be an icon showing a webcam with a Red 'x' next to it (x). This is because the webcam is currently disabled. Click on the icon to enable the webcam. As this is your first time enabling the webcam you will be automatically brought to a brief camera configuration wizard.

  • In the first step you are asked if you want to allow the conference to access your camera and microphone. You will want to check the box to Remember and then click Allow and Close. If you do not click Remember then you will have to complete these steps every time you want to use the webcam.

  • In the second step you will need to choose your camera from the Select a camera drop-down list, if it is not automatically selected. Then you can choose a Bandwidth Setting (Low Bandwidth is default), depending on the bandwidth requirements of your attendees (please see this article for more information on required bandwidths for live video). The Mirror option will be mirroring the live video image if selected (recommended). You should then see a live video image of whatever your webcam is pointing at. If the Preview area has no image, ensure that your webcam does not have its lens cap down. When you are satisfied, click OK

Once you have your webcam setup and click OK, your live video feed will show in either one of two places in the interface:

  1. Under your name in the Participants List.
  2. Inside of its own Media Module Tab, called Live Video, in the main content area

For more information about activating/deactivating Media Module Tabs via the Layout Manager, click here.

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