In the Webinato platform, a "Room" is essentially your virtual Conference Room for presenting content. Each room contains all of your content presentation modules (like Slides, Screen Sharing, Video Player, etc...), as well as a myriad other tools for your use.

You can easily customize each room in your organization to your liking by logging into your Admin Page and clicking on Modify Room Settings in the Rooms Management section. There, you can choose a name for each room, what modules are active and where they are placed, along with many other settings.

For more information about the Modify Room Settings page, click HERE.

One of the main differences between Webinato and other webinar platforms is that in Webinato, the data in your rooms is persistent; you don't have to worry about uploading your data each time you have an event. It also allows you to set up your room ahead of the event time, thereby cutting down on event day stresses.