The Announcement feature allows Organizers to post important information in a small popup window that appears in the lower portion of the webinar window.

  • To use the Announcement feature, you must be logged in to your room as a user with Organizer access.
              For more information on User Roles, please click HERE.
  • You also must have the Announcement feature enabled from the Room Settings page, accessed from your main Admin Page.
              For more information on the Room Settings page, please click HERE.
  • Once enabled, you will see a new chat tab called Announcements.

    (the tab may also have the following icon, if your chat is located underneath your Participants List: 
  • To add a new announcement, click the Add Announcement button (it may also look like a "+" icon)
  • Type the announcement text as desired into the text box.

  • In this window you can customize the color of each announcement window, as well as set an automatic removal time and whether there will be a Non-stop Audio Alert, for important announcements.
  • If you choose, you can save an announcement as a Favorite by checking the box next to Save to Favorites, typing in a descriptive name, and then clicking the Save icon: The Name you choose will then be shown in the favorites list at the top of the window.
  • You can also delete any favorites by selecting one in the list and clicking the Delete icon: 
  • Click the Send button to send the announcement to all participants.