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How to use the Presentation Manager

Modified on Fri, 26 Aug 2016 at 12:19 PM

The Webinato Presentation Manager is one of the most powerful modules designed for the organizer to execute multiple presentation tasks with single clicks thus making the room moderation tasks easy. The reduces the overall work load and lets Organizers and Presenters concentrate more on the webinar.

With the Presentation Manager, you can create and execute action scripts. This module is capable of pre-recording certain organizer activities in the webinar room, saving those into an organized list which can be, opened, executed and also edited later on. You can have multiple scripts targeting multiple scenarios.

For a list of supported actions, please visit this article.

Launching the Presentation Manager

  • To utilize the Presentation Manager, you have to access the room as an organizer. 
  • To launch, click the Tools button at bottom left, then click Presentation Manager. 

Creating a New Script

  • Click the '+' button to get start.

  • In the next window, type a name for your script and press Next (Or simply press the 'Enter' key). 

  • You will see the Edit Mode window next. While that window is open, the tool is in Edit Mode and is ready to start capturing the actions you perform in the webinar room.

  • Execute your actions and let the tool to capture them in the script. An example list of actions is shown below.

  • As you record actions, you can click and drag an item to reorder it so that it shows in the place you want it. You can also do this for existing scripts, as well, as long as you're in Edit Mode.
  • Click Save when you finish capturing your actions.
  • You will return to the list of scripts when editing is completed properly, with your new script in the list.
  • The new script is ready to run, either now or at a later time. 

  • You can either close the tool, or continue making new scripts. You can have many different scripts for many different webinar types, if you'd like.

Running an Existing Script

  • Launch the Presentation Manager
  • Click the Play button next to the script you wish to load.

  • In the next window, you will see the recorded actions and a play button to perform each action. Click the play buttons to perform the actions. If there is an opposite action recorded, execute it to reverse the action. In this example, a slideshow and a video, can be loaded and unloaded.

Other Tasks

  • Edit: In this mode, you can also edit the list, record new actions, re-order existing ones and save. 
  • Back to list: Takes you back to the main scripts list. 
  • Reset Status: Resets the executed state of an action. 

Deleting a Script

  • Launch the Presentation Manager
  • To delete a script, click the checkbox next to the script's name. 
  • Click the Trash Can button to delete the script.

Resizing the tool

These actions scripts tend to grow as you edit and add new actions. Sometimes file names of resources can be lengthier than the default size of the box. In this case, you can expand the size of the tool. Click and drag the resize control you find at the bottom right of this tool. Please see the following image.

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