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I’m having issues converting a PowerPoint

Modified on Mon, 29 Aug 2016 at 04:18 PM

Webinato allows you to upload and convert PowerPoint files inside your webinar room. Using the Slides module, you can conduct your presentation to your attendees at your own taste and style. Like any other technology you may sometime encounter issue in converting your MS PowerPoint file in Webinato slideshow module, so this article will guide you on how you can sort this issue out.

When uploading and converting your file inside the room, you may sometimes see an error message that says your file failed to covert on slide 3 as the number 3 refers on the slide number where the conversion fails. You may also see a pop up box saying that A problem has occurred during conversion. 

Slide Conversion Error on Slide 1

Error Message alerting that conversion has failed converting, and that Technical Support has been notified.

These error messages indicate that the upload has failed in some way, so please look below for some tips on getting through these errors:

1. Check your internet connection. - A stable internet connection is required during the conversion. Any internet interruption may lead to unsuccessful conversion of your PowerPoint file.

2. Keep the embedded object a regular image file - Webinato allows you to upload and convert presentations with a wide variety of different types of objects embedded within the slides, yet sometimes these embedded object are too complex to convert. As you remember from reading above, one of the error messages shows the slide number where the conversion fails. To help troubleshoot the issue, please refer to that slide number and simplify any special object on that slide with a regular image file, like a PNG. For more information about troubleshooting embedded objects in PowerPoint, click HERE.

3. File size - Please keep the PowerPoint presentation below 150 slides and 50MB in size as sometimes it could cause an issue in the conversion process. If you feel that it is necessary to have a large presentation, we suggest to divide it into two different files before uploading. That way, you will have  Part 1, Part 2 etc of your presentation, making error associated with large slide presentations much less likely.

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