To properly exit the Webinato Screen Sharing Module (after sharing the screen), you have to follow this procedure. Please make sure to exit the module before leaving the room.

  1. Click the Red button. You should see an empty screen once you click it.
  2. Next, click the 'X' button on the 'Screen Sharing application' panel (where it lists Region, Monitor and Application buttons - button is at top right hand corner on that panel). Once clicked, this will also exit the projector. 
  3. Click the Windows System Tray* and make sure the projector is not running. If it is running, there will be an icon that resembles a small "O" (Orange color). Right click on the icon and then click the 'Exit' option.

Special Note*: What is the Windows System Tray? System tray is the area where you find Windows time (clock), audio options (speaker icon), network connectivity icon and so on. It is at the bottom right hand corner. To view hidden icons, click the small up arrow icon.