The Documents Folder allows room operators to upload and share files with other room users. Files can be uploaded for public use for the entire room, or private use available to room Admins and Presenters. Most type of file can be uploaded and shared.

To upload a file to the Documents Folder, please follow the steps listed below.

  • Open the icon  and get the following

  • Click the button to upload documents or add a new link for any website. If you are uploading a document, you will browse your computer to search for the file you wish to upload then click the Add button. If you are adding a New Link, copy and paste the web address (including http:// or https://

    Adding a New Document

    Adding a New Web Link

  • Private option means the file is only available for Organizers and Presenters.

  • After the file is uploaded a link will be posted in the general chat area, if the Announce it in chat box is checked:

Forbidden file types

  • .php4
  • .php5
  • .exe
  • .cgi
  • .pl
  • .jar
  • .js
  • .html
  • .htm
  • .com
  • .bat
  • .sh