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How to use the Notes module

Modified on Mon, 11 Jul 2016 at 02:30 PM

The Notes Module is a rich text editor that allows you and your other presenters to work in a document and easily share it with your audience, in real time. You can also save this document in different formats to the in-room the Documents Folder.

Top learn more about using the Documents Folder, click HERE.

Using the Notes Module
The Notes Modules is very similar to other text editors such as WordPad and others.

  • You can make changes in the Notes and after you hit the Update for all button the changes will be reflected to your participants.
  • You can also select the auto update option to automatically update the note after every change, according to the timing you set.

  • The Save Button  allows you to save the current note as a Microsoft Word document, HTML page, PDF or as a text file. The resulting file will be saved in the Documents Folder
  • By clicking the Trash Can Button  , you will delete the content from your note. Alternatively you can use the backspace or Delete keys on your keyboard.
  • Type a search string in the search box and click magnifying glass icon  to search the content in your note
  • Select from many different fonts, sizes and colors: 
  • Make your text bold, italic or underline it: 
  • You can easily justify any paragraph in your note: 
  • Add bullet points to your note: 
  • Selecting text will enable the hyperlink tool, allowing you to convert the selected text to a hyperlink 

Please note there is a 5000 character limit for adding text to the Notes module.

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