The Whiteboard Module allows Organizers and Presenters to collaborate visually and then easily share it with your audience.

  • The Whiteboard Module works similar to Microsoft Paint or other similar paint programs.
  • You have 10 white board screens you can use.
  • You can also save your creation as a PNG file in the Documents Folder.

For more information about the Documents Folder, click HERE.


  • WB_2.png Move between the 10 whiteboards 

  • WB_3.png Saves a .png image of the white board to documents folder

  • WB_4.png Enter into full screen mode 

  •  Shows on which of the 10 white boards you are currently on 

  •  Delete the content from your White Board page 

  •   Starts Free hand drawing 

  •   Draws straight lines 

  •  Draws arrows 

  •  Draws rectangles and squares 

  •   Draws circles and ellipses 

  •  Add text to the white board 

  •  Selects a shape 

  •  Select a shape, then click this to delete it 

  •  Select a shape, then click this to duplicate it 

  •  Select thickness of the object to be drawn 

  •  Select color to draw shapes and text with 

  •  Fills color of rectangles, circles and ellipses