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How to use Instant Polls

Modified on Tue, 19 Jul 2016 at 10:37 AM

The Instant Poll tool is used to gather real-time feedback from your participants. Whether gathering feedback on your presentation or testing content retention, Instant Polls allow any Organizer to gather and share data very quickly and easily.

This tool works similarly to the Survey Module. For more information about using Surveys, click HERE.

Using the Instant Poll Tool

To open the Instant Poll, login to your room as an Organizer and open the Tools menu at the bottom right:

You can then Start a poll by selecting one from favorites or by creating a new one:

Instant Poll Options

The Instant Poll tool comes with a few options to customize the experience for Attendees and Organizers/Presenters.

  • The first option is Anonymous results.

    This shows the percentage Attendees that answered your question, but not specifically who answered.
    This anonymity is carried over to the data stored in your Room Report. If you do not check the Anonymous box, then each Attendee vote will be shown in the Room Report.
  • The second option is the share results option.

    If checked, Organizers and Presenters will see a small dot next to the user in the Participants List with the color corresponding to the answer he/she gave in the poll (but Attendees will not).
    You can also check the Share Results check-box to share the results with participants.

    Checking the box marked Share Results prior to launching the poll will share the results with your live audience, but results will not be recorded in AutoPilot Recordings. To record the poll results into your AutoPilot Recording, check the box marked Share Results after you click the Stop Poll button.

  • You can take a snapshot of poll results by clicking on the camera icon.
    This will take a screen shot of the poll results and create a .png file in the documents folder. You can announce the added file to attendees via chat with a link to the .png file.

     The “snapshot” option is for live events, or playing back an AutoPilot in Group Mode. It is not available when viewing an AutoPilot in Single Mode (On-Demand).
    For more information on AutoPilot Playback Modes, click HERE.

  • The third option is the Multiple Choice option.

    This option is useful when polling about topics that could result in multiple answers.

    If you choose to share results with the
    Multiple Choice option, Organizers and Presenters will see a small dot next to the user in the participants list with the color corresponding to the answer he/she gave in the poll (unless the participant chose more than one answer).

Instant Poll Use Cases

Check the box marked

Multiple Choice


Share Results prior to pushing the poll live

Share Results --after closing poll

Useful for

Polling about topics that could result in multiple answers

Polling about feelings, opinions or personal  subjects

Generating excitement about a poll to prompt Attendees to answer, allowing Presenter to address poll results live

Showing poll results in recasts and MP4 video file


Presenters see

How many votes each choice receives and the % of Attendees that vote for each choice

How many attendees have voted and the percentage each choice received, but they do not see how each Attendee answered

The number of votes each choice receives and the percentage of Attendees that voted for a particular choice

Poll results during both live event and recast viewings

Attendees see

Box marked multiple choice, Presenters may want to instruct Attendees they can choose more than one answer

Checked anonymous box and know answers will not be tracked back to them

If checked prior to pushing poll live, attendees see % of Attendees that voted for each choice change as results come in

Percentage each choice received, but not the number of votes each choice received

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