Chat in Webinato is not simply having people type text messages to one another; it's a fully interactive and integrated portion of the webinar experience. It allows you to more effectively engage with your customers in ways other than typing messages, and here are a few additional tools that are available that use the Chat Module:


If you have an important message you need to convey to your attendees, you can use the Announcements feature.
To learn more about using Announcements, click HERE.

Audio Chat

Your Attendees can be given access to record and send audio messages using the optional Audio Chat feature. These messages adhere to the same rules as other chat messages, and can be moderated and screened as needed.

To learn more about Audio Chat, click HERE.

Linking Documents and Websites in Chat

The Chat Module can also contain hyperlinks to files located in the Documents folder, as well as to external websites.

To learn more about the Documents Folder, click HERE.