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How to use the Survey Module

Modified on Thu, 19 Apr 2018 at 12:12 PM

The Survey Module is a powerful and versatile tool that will allow Admins to collect different types of user input data quickly and easily. It was designed so that Admins could gather user data in a live room and not have to wait until the end of an event.

You can enable the Survey Module either through the Layout Manager while in a live room.

In the Layout Manager, you will find the option to enable the Survey Module listed along with other available modules for your room.

As it was in the Room Settings page, simply check the box next to Survey to activate the module for this room. You can also choose what side of the screen the module will appear on, just like in Room Settings. You can also choose to make the changes permanent by checking the box next to "Make changes permanent."

Click the OK button to commit your changes.

You should now have the Survey Module active in your room. Look for the Survey tab at the top of the webinar window; its exact location is dependent on the placement settings you input earlier.

Click the Survey tab to open the Survey Module screen.

Click the Start Survey button; you should see the following window:

Here, you can either choose to broadcast an existing survey, edit or delete an existing survey or create a new survey.

To create a new survey, click the Add Survey button at the top of the Manage Surveys window:

In this window, you will create your new survey. 

  1. First, you can give the survey a title, as well as some descriptive header text explaining the purpose of the survey along with any special instructions or information. You can also make the survey available in all rooms associated with your company, or keep it exclusive to the room you are currently in.
  2. Next, you will create your survey questions. There are 5 question types, the names of which are determined by the method of answer input:

  • Text: The Text question type involves the user inputting a short text-based answer, like a name or a birthday.
  • Text Area: The Text Area question type allows the user to input more text than would be allowed in the simple Text question type. Examples here would be an address or a short descriptive paragraph.
  • Checkboxes: The Checkbox question type allows the user to input choices based on items written by the survey creator. A checkbox question allows for multiple answers to be input for the same question, such as favorite items or other preferences.
  • Radio Buttons: The Radio Button question type is similar to the Checkbox one, except only one possible answer is allowed. An example of this would be a Yes or No type question, or a question that needs a definitive answer.
  • Drop Down: The Drop Down question type lets the user choose an option from a long list of items. An example would be choosing your state or country of residence. NOTE: The number of options available for Drop Down questions is significantly greater than what is available for Checkbox or Radio Button questions.

As you create questions and answers, you can move certain choices up and down in the list by using the appropriate buttons. You can also delete unwanted choices by clicking the appropriate delete or remove button. When your survey creation is complete, click the Save button at the bottom of the window. If you want to discard any changes, click the Cancel button.

To edit an existing survey, click the pencil icon to the left of the survey name in the Manage Surveys window. This will bring you to the list of questions as you saw when you created the survey and you can make and save any necessary changes.

To broadcast an existing survey, click the Play button to the left of the survey name, and it will launch in the media module window.

You will now see the survey appear in the module window and you can fill out the survey questions. When the survey is complete, click the Submit button. The answers are recorded and you can now close the survey by clicking the Red X button at the top right of the survey module.

To access the results of your surveys after your event has ended, please refer to your Room Reports page. For more information on post-event reports, please see the following article:

How to retrieve chat transcript and more

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