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How to use the Video Player

Modified on Thu, 19 Apr 2018 at 11:41 AM

UPDATE: As of Jan 27, 2015, Google has deprecated their Flash Video API, which means Webinato can no longer support YouTube search and playback in the Video Player module. We apologize for the inconvenience, and encourage you to use the video upload feature for playing back video clips.

The Video Player module allows you to upload and stream videos to all viewers. You can also record, save, and play webcam videos on the fly.

With the Video Player, you can:

  • Upload and play videos during a live webinar
    • Maximum supported file size is 512 MB (theoretical). Recommended size is less than 500 MB.
    • Maximum bitrate of uploaded video is 1000kbps (1Mbps).
  • Record, save, and play webcam videos on the fly.
  • Maintain playlists for each room.

Other features include:

  • Supports medium and high quality videos.
  • Supports pause and play.
  • Adjustable size, which applies for all connected Participants.
  • Full screen mode (for each client).
  • Toggle Pointer button:
    • Functions as a pointer tool (arrow) and visible to all participants.

Video Player Operation

To get started with Video Player:

  • Click on the Video Player tab located near the top of your room, then click the Start Video Player button

  • The Video Player Control Panel will appear on the screen

  • To play a video in the list, click the Play Button next to the item. The video will load and play out to every connected Participant.
    • Video playback is dependent on individual network speeds for each connected Participant, including Organizers and Presenters. Depending on the speed of their individual network connection, they may load and play the file before or after others. For this reason, to allow the opportunity for all participants to see the entire video, please wait a few seconds after you see the video end on your screen to continue with your presentation.
  • Pausing and restarting the video will be seen by all connected Participants.
  • While playing back a video, Organizers and Presenters have the option to overlay an arrow cursor for display to all Participants.

  • Organizers and Presenters can also resize the video for all Participants by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of the video to make it larger or smaller.

Uploading to the Video Player

  • To upload a video from your computer to the room, click the Upload button  and choose a file from your hard drive.
    • We can accept video files of many different formats, but prefer using the the following:
      • MP4
      • MOV
      • AVI
      • MPG (or MPEG)
    • The maximum supported file size for your video is 500MB each, and the maximum bitrate is 1000kbps (1Mbps).
    • We recommend keeping these as low as possible to help with uploading and conversion times and to help improve webinar attendee experience. Depending on the speed of your network connection, this process can take some time, so we encourage you to upload videos well in advance of your event to avoid scheduling problems.
    • After uploading, the platform will convert your video for playback. Depending on the length of your video, this process can take some time, so we again encourage you to upload any videos well ahead of your event time.

Other Video Player Controls

  • To record your own video using your webcam, click on the Record button . For help configuring your webcam, please click here.
  • To delete a video, select it in the Video Player Control Panel by checking the box next to the video title, then click the Trash Can button

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